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Juan Fernandez-Barquin
Clerk of the Court and Comptroller
Miami-Dade County

Marriage Licenses

Couples wishing to become legally married in the state of Florida must apply for a marriage license in person and be of 18 years old and over. A Florida marriage license allows a couple to get married anywhere in Florida, regardless of the county the license was purchased from. There is no residency or citizenship requirement to apply for a Florida marriage license. However, if you are getting married outside of the state of Florida, you need to obtain the marriage license from that state or country where you will be married.

Marriage License appointments are now available for both applications & ceremonies at the Marriage License Bureau and Districts! Customers must complete the online marriage license pre-application before visiting our office, Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.. We are accepting walk-ins, however you may experience a longer wait time.  To expedite the process, you may schedule an appointment

If you are exempt under
Florida State Statute 119.071please advise the clerk and fill out the Request for Confidentiality form.


When applying for a marriage license both spouses must be present. If one or both of the applicants are minors, under 18 years old, additional requirements apply.

All applicants must present a valid federal or state government photo identification with the correct legal name, date of birth and signature.

Types of photo identification accepted:
  • Driver license issued by any state in the U.S.
  • Passport
  • U.S. military ID
  • Alien registration card
  • State identification card issued by any state in the U.S.
  • Naturalization certificate (original)

Other information required:
  • All U.S. citizens and residents must provide their Social Security number.
  • Non-U.S. citizens may provide an alien registration card, U.S. state issued driver license, or passport number if Social Security number has not been issued.
  • If either applicant has been previously married, they must provide the exact date of the last divorce, death or annulment. If the divorce took place in Miami-Dade County go to the Family Online Case Search and view the docket link for the divorce final judgment date.
  • The Family Law Handbook  must be read prior to obtaining the marriage license. The Family Law Handbook is also available for viewing at the Central Marriage License Bureau and any of the six District Court locations

To expedite the application process, please complete our online marriage license pre-application, and schedule an appointment online.

Additional Requirements for Minor Applicants 

Applicants 17 years old

In addition to the standard requirements for a marriage license, all the following documents must be presented when one or both applicants are 17 years old:
  • Both parents or legal guardian must be present with valid photo identification. The exceptions will be if the parents are divorced and one parent has full custody of the minor or Death Certificate of parent deceased. In this case, certified copy of custody's court order must be presented and only the consent of the custodial parent will be required.
  • Original birth certificate of the minor showing parent's name
  • Parental consent forms 

Additionally, a person that is at least 17 years of age may only marry if the other party is no more than two years older. 
All underage applications are processed at the Central Marriage License Bureau.

Applicants under 17 years old

Per Florida Statute 741.04, we are prohibited from issuing a marriage license to any person under 17 years of age.

Three-Day Waiting Period & Pre-Marital Course

All Florida residents have a mandatory three-day waiting period before the marriage license becomes effective or have the option of attending a four-hour premarital course from a registered provider. The waiting period will be waived and the license will be discounted to $61 upon providing an original four-hour certificate of completion at the time application. 

An Online Premarital Course Provider Directory is available to assist you in locating a premarital course provider. The couple must present the original certificate of completion when applying for their marriage license. Non-Florida residents are exempt from the three-day waiting period. 

Civil Ceremony

Wedding ceremonies are now available. We are accepting walk-ins, however you may experience a longer wait time. To expedite the process, you may schedule an appointment.

The marriage ceremony must be performed on or after the effective date and within 60 days of the issuance of the license. After the marriage ceremony, the marriage license must be returned to the Miami-Dade County Marriage License Bureau within 10 days. 
A marriage ceremony must be performed by any of the following: 
  • Any ordained minister, priest, rabbi or other ordained clergy
  • All judicial officers (judges) of the state of Florida
  • Clerks of the Circuit Court and their deputies of the state of Florida, while performing their duties
  • Public notaries of the state of Florida
See the fee schedule for a list of our marriage ceremonial service fees. 
As per the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; anyone needing special accommodations to access these services should contact the ADA Coordinator

  • Marriage license - $86
  • Marriage application with completion of premarital preparation course - $61
  • Duplicate, correction, or amended license - $30
  • Ceremony - $30
  • Marriage status search and certificate - $9
  • Deluxe marriage certificate - $10
  • Affirmation of Common Children - $2
  • Provider fee - $4
  • Certified copy - $7
  • Search fee - $2
  • Additional certified copy (each) - $7
  • Search fee (per year prior to 1972) - $2

Methods of Payments Accepted:

Cash, cashier’s check, money orders, Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American Express

Premarital Providers Affidavit & Instructions

As authorized by Florida Statute 741.0305, the Clerk of the Court and Comptroller must maintain a roster of qualified registered premarital preparation course providers. To be added to the roster, please read over the instructions listed below and send in a complete affidavit to the Central Marriage License Bureau.

Under Chapter 741 of the Florida Statutes, an instructor is qualified to teach the Premarital Preparation Course if he or she is one of the following:
  1. A psychologist licensed under Chapter 490
  2. A clinical social worker licensed under Chapter 491
  3. A marriage and family therapist licensed under Chapter 491
  4. A mental health counselor licensed under Chapter 491
  5. An official representative of a religious institution which is recognized under s. 496.404(23), if the representative has relevant training

The premarital preparation course may include instruction regarding:
  1. Conflict management
  2. Communication skills
  3. Financial responsibilities
  4. Children and parenting responsibilities
  5. Data compiled from available information relating to problems reported by married couples who seek marriage or individual counseling

Each Premarital Preparation Course provider shall furnish each participant or couple who completes the course with a certificate of completion specifying the name(s) of the participant, the date of completion, minimum four hours, registered provider’s name (ex. church or business), address, instructor’s name who provided the course and whether the course was conducted by personal instruction, videotape instruction, instruction via electronic medium or by a combination of these methods.

Registration Affidavit

Each provider shall submit to the Central Marriage License Bureau a Premarital Course Provider Affidavit which outlines the name of the provider (ex. church or business name), telephone number, address, email, list of instructors providing course with a copy of the qualifying credentials (ex. certificate of ordination or state business license). The Clerk's Office will distribute only information relevant to registration.

To register, please submit the original form:

  1. The pre-marital course provider affidavit must be filled out, signed and sworn or affirmed to in front of a notary public or a deputy clerk. 
  2. Provide a list of instructors indicating their qualification under the Florida Statute and a copy of their qualifying credentials.   

Affirmation of Common Children Born in Florida

Pursuant to Florida Statute 741.01, the Affirmation of Common Children Born in Florida form is provided to allow both parties to the marriage to state under oath in writing if they are the parents of a child born in this state and to identify any such child they have in common by name, date of birth, place of birth, and if available, birth certificate number. One form is required per child.

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